• Our Story

    Monk Customs has been a leading innovator in developing products and tools for competitive airsoft since 2020.

    Starting with assembling and finetuning customized M4 builds and subsequently bringing to life our groundbreaking Ergonomic Sports Grip, over the years we added more & more exciting products to the Monk Customs product range.

    With our in-house design & production team and a handful of carefully selected global partners having made name for themselves, the Monk Customs brand is constantly evolving.

  • Alumin(i)um

    With the 'i' in Aluminium being optional if you're in the States, the latest step Monk Customs has undertaken is the in-house production of high-grade aluminium parts, such as the ESG and M4-adapter.

    On our own milling machines, we can test new concepts on the fly and optimize them until they're flawless — that's when we make the final product available to you.

    With the arrival of precise CNC-milling, we can make our original innovations even better, more accurate and durable. Plus: we can also make them in striking colors. What's not to love?

  • Future

    We're far from done inventing & materializing new innovations. As competitive airsoft is our main focus, we will continue to make products that are precise, light-weight, durable, giving you a leg up in your game and also making sure your gear looks the part.

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Uniquely designed machine-cut receiver + matching handguard combinations, available in striking colors. Different generations, from OMG to NEO are available to become the basis for your new replica!

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It's where we showcase our stuff as well as community content. Also, you'll hear about great deals & other promotional news. Be sure to follow us on IG!


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