Designed,  produced and cerakoted all in-house at Monk Customs. From engineering to writing software for our FCU boards and operating our own CNC. At Monk nothing is mass produced and all home made.


    The Monk Neo Series all come in limited color quantities. Only a few are made and available at our shop.


    Neo Cuts and designs are also limited and only a few will be around ever, tested and durable.


    Our own ESG Sportsgrip is a nobrainer. Go Monk or go home. All are provided pre installed with the bulged version of our ESG Sportsgrip.


    As Gorilla being part of the Monastery. The MFCU is an in house engineered and fire control unit to ensure Monk builds come with the latest technologic innovations

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  • Monk custom builds are carefully handmade, designed and assembled from a to z inhouse in limited quantities and belong to the top range of speedsoft builds. Known for its high performance and style they are easily recognisable on any field in the world.

  • Made by players in every step of the proces it is always considered to and aimed at top performance in sports tournaments and tested time and time again in every detail as well as developed parallel to athletic demands.