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M-Adapter 4YA for Glock (special 4-year anniversary edition)

M-Adapter 4YA for Glock (special 4-year anniversary edition)

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During "Monktober", we celebrate Monk Customs' 4-year anniversary with a couple of sweet deals and unique, limited edition products, such as this M-Adapter 4YA for Glock, now available in cool color variations. Which style fits you the best?

The ultimate Ultra Light M4 Adapter — with a pre-installed Ultra Light Glock magazine, the Monk Customs M-Adapter is your go-to choice if you need a lightweight and durable M4 adapter for your Glock.

Compatible with all mags on the current market!

The Aluminium M-Adapter comes in different colors, completing your total setup's look.

The Aluminium M-Adapter Ultra Light for Glock comes with:

  • Adapter
  • Ultra Light Glock magazine
  • Made for Glock
  • Pre-installed
  • Anodized finish
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